by Lord Leper

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released April 29, 2017

Art by Thomas Thores Hyman
© Lord Leper 2017



all rights reserved


Lord Leper Aberdeen, UK

sad songs & tall tales -- garage rock duo

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Track Name: RIP
RIP (red letter)

I'm falling asleep
Chilled to the bone
Weak at the knee
Hoping to get home in one piece

But maybe I'll divide
Half for the ground
Half for the sky
Who knows till the black shroud pulls aside?

Till then you'll find me
Waiting not to be
Trying to believe
When the song ends we'll sing a loud reprise

I once boldly would leap
Each way that I turned
Seemed so clear to me
Now I trip over my own feet

Just went out for a stroll
Got caught in the rain
It soon turned to snow
Still there are worse days, this I know

I don't have much time
I don’t even own my mind
And I still can't tell you why
When all that I see comes through my eyes

Just like falling asleep
Lay me in my bed
In silence you'll speak
Pray I dream in heavenly peace

But I'm nowhere to be found
Neither the sky
Or in the ground
I'm in everything, I'm all around

There's nothing left of me
But vague fond memories
How strange to arrive only to leave
No more than a here lies
Rest in peace
Track Name: Long Gone
Long Gone (dead letter)

Homeward bound some blue night
Which red morning bore
Not one soul in sight
Who's this by the door?
A stranger before
What will he ask for?

Will he leave me to pass
And fade into night?
Or show me the path
To new morning's light?
Or cruelly indict
And tear me in spite?

How can I know on approach
If it's praise or reproach?
I can't just lie in wait
Too soon I'll be too late

To tell you I'm home
Back where I belong
You'll seek me at dawn
But I'll be long gone

Still and silent he stands
Black cloaked in the dark
I set forth my hands
They bear not a mark
Like wood stripped of bark
The moonlight so stark

As the morning grows near
My breath comes so fast
I'll know only fear
Till I've breathed my last
All will become clear
When this storm has passed

You wake up to find you're alone
With no memory of home
And for all that you know
There's no way to decode

You'll reach for my name
But that won't explain
My bones in the ground
Will not yield a sound
The star-lit night sky
Will not tell you why
You'll still have this song
But I'll be long gone
Track Name: As One
As One (empty vessel)

We sail for heaven tonight
The skyward sea is alight
No pale star in our sight
Into the sun we will ride
Oh let us fly; no turning back now

We've said goodbye to this life
Untethered ties of the mind
Free now and for all time
We know the Lord will provide
He is inside; ready to die now

Lord, give us the strength
To overcome
Take over control
We'll be as one

As we glide through open sky
We'll gaze upon furied tides
How wrought-up water writhes
How smooth our course at this height
Steady we rise; sun in our eyes now

All this time we've wondered why
We'd ever wish not to die
At last leaving behind
Most everything that divides
Soon you will find, there is no "I" now

Lord, give us the strength
To overcome
Take over control
We'll be as one
Give us something to
Which we belong
Break every part
Whole we'll become
Track Name: In Two
In Two (broken vessel)

Where do I begin?
Where will I end up?
When all my talls tales are told
And sad songs are all sung
In two-thousand-and-twelve
Everything fell through
As things do
Whilst three sheets to the wind
I fell in two

Now I'm stuck inside my head
And out of my mind
Always searching for an edge
I can define
Both a mere means to an end
And something divine
Then again, who can pretend
To draw the line?

Now each day that goes by
I walk a fine line
Between losing myself
And seeking what none find
But each now and again
Something will break through
That rings true
So pray nearing the end
That they still do

All the while I look for ways
To bridge the divide
Father Time watches each grain
Sharpen his scythe
Though this ship is set to sink
I can't help but try
To pull it back from the brink
Before I die

Will Death turn the glass?
Or draw lines in the sand?
And wave me goodbye
With each move of a hand

Last the first and first the last
As the future comes to pass

Each hour that you while away
Comes again another day

Sinking sand and falling rain
Makes it hard to concentrate

Once again the hands return
Back in place after a turn

All things will come to divide
Only then to reunite

Rivers flow into the sea
Becoming what they once had been

All this time I've spent alone
Waiting for the words:
'Welcome Home'
Track Name: A River, A Letter, A Vessel And A Tether
A River, A Letter, A Vessel And A Tether

We left our home
From seas we came
We all took flight
Were born as rain
I am a river
A winding creek that flows cold

There is a place
No one can find
Return address
I am a letter
That no one reads till the end

The glass once full
Now cracked and dry
A parch unquenched
I won’t deny
I am a vessel
Just one small part of it all

We all unbind
Split at the seam
The light pours through
We've longed to see
I am a tether
That's slowly tearing apart
While we may sever
I'll trust that when we depart
We'll be together
Just like we were at the start